Meet coach Jeff Maynard from Crest Hill, Illinois. Jeff is a certified N.A.S.M fitness coach and is passionate about the fitness industry and helping others. He is excited about health and has the desire to help others. With several years in the industry, Jeff has transformed not only himself physically, but many others as well. He lives to inspire others and getting them stronger and healthier each day, each week, each month & each year. He will help coach men and women struggling with fitness motivation and developing the key mindset to help you meet your goals.

Jeff Maynard Fitness’ Mission

To Inspire those who need help reaching the level of happiness in their health and fitness.

How Can Jeff Maynard Fitness Help you?

We start with a full fitness assessment that covers key measurements and will help us develop a custom workout plan for you. Please arrive in comfortable clothes (gym clothes and shoes).

Our custom workout plan designed to reach your specific goals that range from:

Weight loss /Toning
Improved Athletic Performance
Strength Training
Hypertrophy Training
Balance/ Stability Training
Flexibility Training

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Fitness Motivation and Mindset Mastery

Develop the mindset for growth in your life. Get out of the rut your in.

Exercise Techniques

To look like an athlete, model, or even just a healthier version of yourself.
Your training must match that desire.

Athletic Performance Benefits

Functional moves to help increase agility stamina and muscular endurance

Quicker Reflexes
Better Agility/ Reflexes
Strength Training Benefits
Better strength
Bone health
Muscle mass

Hypertrophy Training Benefits

Training specifically designed to increase the size and shape of the muscles

Increase lean body mass
Keeps unwanted body fat off
Increased muscular endurance
Increased strength

Balance & Stability Training Benefits

Training Designed to increase your body’s ability to detects its position and correct itself in unstable situations

Fluid motion

Flexibility Training Benefits

Mobility training designed to release tension built up in the muscles

Less soreness
Less body aches and pain
Injury prevention
Better mobility

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Using key measurements from your fitness assessment, we will make a customized meal plan for you with any packages purchases. Following the plan + Workouts = Success!

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