Eating Healthy on a Budget / Three Reasons Are Spending Too Much On Food

One of the most common complaints I get from my clients and friends is that they can’t afford to eat healthily. I really don’t understand this because it’s definitely not more expensive to eat healthily. It could actually be a lot cheaper. I want to get to the bottom of this problem and understand why a lot of people feel this way. So here are my top three reasons why you might be spending too much on food.

Reason 1). You haven’t cut out the crap!

Stop buying foods that don’t align with your goals. If you stop buying things you don’t need like cookies, cake, chips, and dips condiments (Ex: barbeque sauce, ranch dressing, honey, ketchup and blue cheese dressing) and also sugary drinks like sodas, fruit drinks and sports drinks you will have made up any difference in the “expensive healthy food”. Your body will dramatically change in just a few months and your energy levels will improve from cutting out the crap. So let’s do the math.

Bag of chips: $2-4,

Ketchup: $3-4

Barbecue sauce: $3-6

Ranch dressing: $3-4

A case of soda: $12

Orange juice: $3-4

Total $26-34

Now depending on where you live, you can get chicken for around $2 per lb.

If you cut out all that junk that’s making you fat, in all actuality you will save money and lose weight. You can get 15 lbs. of chicken which could last you 6 days (about ¾ meals a day). After trimming the fat, it’s more like 12 lbs. or 192 ounces. 8-10 ounces (about the size of your fist) per meal/ per day. This is just an example. You can mix up your meats. Steak and turkey are good options also so you don’t get bored.

Reason 2). You are Eating Too Much Fast Food

Going out to eat at Wendy’s for 2 people costs around $12-15!

Once again, $15 would get you enough food at the store to last you 3-4 days.

But let me guess your thinking, Jeff I just don’t have time to cook.

I want you to ask yourself a serious question right now? Is watching TV more important than reaching your goals in fitness? Is that video game adding lasting value to your life? Is sitting at the bar helping you get closer to living the life you want?

Stop making excuses and take action.

At first, it may take you a long time to cook, but over time just like anything you do consistently you will get better and more efficient.

Here are a few meal prepping, time-saving tips just for you.

Time Saving Tip # 1: Cook in Bulk while prepping

Cook a for 3- 6 days in advance. Portion out your meals into single containers. Id Recommend meal prep containers you can find them easily on amazon for really cheap.

Time Saving Tip #2: Don’t over complicate it

Try to find easy recipes. I recommend googling easy, clean eating recipes. Buying a few different spices will help enhance the flavors of your foods. People usually worry about eating too much Sodium. This is overemphasized. Any weight you would lose from drastically reducing your sodium intake is temporary water weight. If your goal is losing fat, it’s far more beneficial to not concern yourself with salt. Dieting when you first start out is hard, why would you want to torture yourself by eating tasteless food on top of it.

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Reason 3). Buy What You Could Afford. Always Check The Sale Ads

Organic foods are great! I get it. No chemicals, no preservatives- awesome! The problem is it’s usually way more expensive. I personally believe you don’t need organic foods to lose weight. I think it would be more beneficial to focus on cutting down on trans fats and sugars. These make you fat. Being overweight is far worse for your health than any preservative. If your BMI is over 35 you’re at risk of so many health diseases

Check the sales paper before you go shopping. You could save tons of money. I shop at Jewel Osco for my meats. They often have buy one get one free deal. I can walk out of there with $50 of meat for $20 or $30. Usually. I will get my produce elsewhere.

Thank you for reading. If you found the information in this post of value