I’m a realist and I understand telling most people that in order for you to get to a lean body frame that drinking alcohol must go. The good news is I am not going to tell you this. Although excessive drinking will inhibit weight loss. I’m talking partaking in drinks in access to 3 or more times per week. The problem with it is it throws your hormones out of whack and lowers your natural testosterone. It’s also nearly twice the calories per gram (7 calories per gram) than proteins and carbs (4 calories per gram). Although I’m not in any way claiming that I don’t occasionally have a drink. Now if your goal is to be a shredded walking vainly mess, then yes to get to the sub body fat percentages it is recommended to cut it out. But you have to realize with fitness there is a quality of life to quality of physique ratio. The leaner you want to be the stricter your diet must be. But it is not to say you can’t be a comfortable 10-8 percent body fat (For men) (15-12 for women) and still have a night out. The real trick is to stop eating so many calories during the week and save up the calories for the weekend. Think of your calories in terms of a weekly expenditure.

If you have 1800 calories per day that would be 12,600 calories per week. let’s take 400 of those calories and save them for the end of the week for a nice cheat meal and a few drinks. Also, the more you workout, the better. This only adds calories that you can utilize. Let’s say you workout for 1 hour per day for 3 days and expend 500 extra calories. I personally don’t add my expended calories into my weekly diet and also save them for the weekend. That adds an extra 1500 calories. I would take 500 of them and add it to the 400 we saved. This would give you 900 calories to add to your 7th day so you could eat 2700 calories that day and still be nowhere near the risk of weight gain other than some water weight due to higher sodium. That will level out in a few days but without further ranting on the subject here is my list of the best drinks you can have that will keep you on track with your fitness goals.

10) The Martini (180 Calories)

9) the Old Fashion (160 calories)

8) Gin and Tonic (150 calories)

7) Heineken (170 calories )

6) Sazerac (140 calories)

5) Vodka soda (100 calories)

4) Corona Lite (100 calories )

And my top 3 choices are!! Drum roll!!

3) The long island ice tea

Although it is about 280 calories its alcohol volume makes up for the calories as you only need one and you are feeling bubbly.

2) I have to give this spot to miller 64 as it only has 64 calories.

Although it is about 280 calories its alcohol volume makes up for the calories as you only need one and you are feeling bubbly.

1) My go to if I’m feeling the rare urge is the Rum and diet coke!

With less than 100 calories and a higher ratio of alcohol to calories, this makes it the obvious choice for me. Not as tasty as the regular coke but it still gets the job done.

I will stress again though that drinking in access will inhibit your ability to lose weight also bring down your energy and just make you feel crappy and your workouts will most likely suffer. If you think you may have a problem with alcohol it is recommended to do your best to stay away or seek help. Usually though when the results from your fitness program and nutrition plan start to manifest, you will feel so good and high energy and full of life you will no longer feel the need to drink in access. Have fun, stay well, live long and prosper and please drink responsibly.