Having some daily morning habits is very beneficial. If your start of the day is good, then it is likely that it will end just as good as well. Following are 5 daily morning habits that will help you start your morning on the right foot:

Drink a Huge Glass of Water First Thing When You Wake Up

One of the first things you should do when you wake up and brush your teeth is to drink a huge glass of water. Drinking water in the morning is highly recommended because you go through 6-8 hours without any water when you sleep through the night. You are more dehydrated than you are hungry in the morning. Hence, drinking a glass of water can help put your mind as well as your stomach into perspective. By getting rid of your thirst, you will also be able to think more clearly about the things you need to take care of in the morning. it’s a great way to get your electrolytes flowing and have more focus.

Wake Up 1 Hour Before You Have to Leave for Your Day

Waking up an hour or two before leaving for your day gives you more time to compose or prepare yourself. You can use this time to meditate or workout, which should be done in the early morning hours. Furthermore, you will also be able to start your commute earlier so that you can beat the morning traffic. It is also worth mentioning that morning is one of the most productive times of the day to work. You can focus and concentrate more on the task at hand because there are fewer distractions.

Write Out Your Goals for the Day

Having concrete goals leads to increase in feelings of control and confidence. Writing out your goals for the day in the morning puts everything into motion. It is recommended that you narrow your goals down to some that are achievable and also those that can easily be broken down into steps. In this way, you will have something that you want to achieve and have a way to achieve it.

Morning Meditation

Taking some time to connect with your spirit and soul and/or even the world for a few minutes in the morning will help you concentrate and focus. Even if you are not interested in meditation, taking a few minutes to write about your thoughts and goals can prove to be very beneficial as it will give you the drive to move towards your goals. The meditation exercise does not have to be extensive.

Take Vitamins Every Morning

Vitamins are essential nutrients that everyone requires for proper nourishment and growth. Proper timing of vitamins intake can help to minimize potential interactions and optimize the benefits. It is recommended that you take your vitamins every morning with your breakfast. Taking vitamins in the morning will benefit you throughout the day and it will also be easier for you to turn it into a daily habit. i personally like the Optimum nutrient’s Opti men and Opti Women.